Ryan Grant (Director R&D IGT)

Testimonial Re: “Practical Leadership Training” seminar

To Douglas Jones
Re: “Practical Leadership Skills” training and development Seminar

Group Dynamics through Group Lead Discussions

The session opened with an “Ice Breaker”
(Fun with a discussion of the positives and negatives of the point being illustrated)
In the previous session, the participants formed 3 groups of 5 participants each
(Each group taking one Leadership Attribute “Addition, Trust, Respect” as defined by John Maxwell)

Their challenge was to teach their Leadership Attribute to the other participants within 15 minutes
Each group member seemed to illustrate their point by voicing their personal experiences
Other members of the full group added their examples and experiences

The group discussion centered around the benefits of “Strengthening” this leadership skill in themselves
The question was then asked: “What are the consequences of ignoring this Leadership Skill?”

The enthusiasm of the challenge united managers from different department who rarely connect

Each group effort explained the concept and gave examples of how it has affected their teams and the company as a whole. As a result each group went over their allotted time.
At the end of the session time, the third group was only part way through their presentation
With the entire group giving a resounding: “Can we finish this now?” we extended the session by 20 minutes.

This is when this diversified group connected on more than just a professional level.
There was a personal connection and understanding of each other’s learning and growth.

There was a feeling of “Trust and Respect” in the room that I have never witnessed before

The resulting “Learning, Co-operating, and Personal Growth” far exceeds my normal seminar  expectations. The enthusiasm for the next session is exhilarating and contagious.

Ryan Grant
Director of R&D

IGT (Gtech)