Practical Leadership Training

“Time Efficient and Cost Effective”
Based on the books:

“The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell
“Empowering Leadership” by Douglas Jones

It is important to realize that you already have “Leadership Abilities”

The objective of “Practical Leadership Training” is to:

“Firstly”: Increase your understanding of John Maxwell’s 21 Leadership Attributes
(Character Traits)


“Secondly”: Strengthen these attributes (character traits) within yourself

Prior to the first session, participants are asked to complete: 

“Leadership Skills Self-Assessment”

In the last session, they will be asked to repeat:

“Leadership Skills Self-Assessment”

(To see their own significant changes)

This is your measure of “Leadership Effectiveness and Growth”

The most effective learning happens within group discussions
(Learning from each other)

Each week someone learns something new (You can see the light bulbs coming on)

The group forms a support network for each other

The enthusiasm is contagious (They want each other to succeed)

The resulting “Learning, Co-operating, Professional and Personal Growth”
far exceeds my normal seminar  expectations.

See the Testimonial by Ryan Grant (Director R&D) IGT (Gtech)

IGT (Gtech)

See Testimonial from Barbara Ann O’Brien
Vice President Bonté Foods