Leadership Weaknesses

1: Distancing, being arrogant, or standing apart from those you lead.
In doing so, you disengage, sub-optimize, and ultimately shut your best people up, and shut them down. Beyond that, arrogance often leads to over-promising and under-delivering.

2: Leading to please others, to be liked, likable, fit in, wanted, loved.
Good news is there’s lots of “nice” to go around. Bad news, such leaders often focus more on people than results.

3: Leading by being autocratic, directive, perfectionist and/or hypercritical.
You get things done, but the cost to yourself and your team tends to lead to burnout and attrition, diminishing potential returns over time.

4: Not delivering good results in a timely manner.
Good and great leaders need to guide the right people to deliver intended results within expected times and budgets.

5: Leading through incongruity or hypocrisy.
Not doing what you say, or saying one thing and doing another

6: Tendency to be complacent, stop learning, over-invest in the status quo, or let yourself off the hook too often / too easily.

7: Over-optimism about people, strategies, or tactics:
Hanging on to lower-performing people and strategies for too long

8: Over-pessimism about people, strategies or tactics.
Treating them like office furniture to be moved and discarded too easily.

9: Lacking emotional intelligence
Problems with access to a range of your own feelings, and letting those feelings lead you to important insights about yourself and others

10: Lacking clarity about impact on others
Limiting abilities to influence, adapt to culture, and “fit in” organizationally and impersonally

Let’s brainstorm “Leadership Weaknesses” in your organization.