Leadership Definition

“Leadership” is very hard to define because it has
so many different meanings to so many different people.

Let’s start by illuminating some of the things that Leadership is NOT.

•  Leadership has nothing to do with position, title, authority, seniority or mandate
•  Leadership has nothing to do with personality or likability
•  Leadership is not management

Now we can focus on what Leadership is

Leadership has everything to do with credibility, intent and communication skills

According to:
Warren Bennis: “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”
Bill Gates: “Leadership is the willingness to empower others.”
John Maxwell: “Leadership is influence – the ability to garner trust and respect from followers plus the ability to inspire and motivate those followers”.

Putting this all together:
Leadership starts with an understanding of people and how to motivate them.
Leaders are continuous Learners: (Upgrading their understanding and application of Leadership Principles)
A leader has a clear vision, implementation strategy and management process
A leader publicly acknowledges the contributions of his/her followers
A leader constantly seek out, mentors and develops new potential leaders

I have studied with and am ”Certified by” John Maxwell (the world’s leading expert on Leadership)

Let’s brainstorm “Leadership Development” in your organization.