Empowering New Leaders

Only a secure leader will give power to others.

A Leader, who understands the concepts of leadership, will feel a pride of accomplishment when he/she sees how well his/her mentees improve their understanding and application of Leadership.

The goal of Leaders is to develop more Leaders and not just followers.
Empowerment is a skill in itself. It is the willingness to encourage others to “Learn and become successful”.

The fear of new leaders replacing their mentors is usually unfounded. The overall success of the organization depends on the growth of all its employees. Mentoring new potential Leaders is the practical application of Leadership Development. An atmosphere of “Empowerment” will nurture the employees, the growth and wellbeing of the organization as well.

“Insecurity” is a sign of the lack of self-esteem and low self-confidence.

An attitude of “Empowerment” is a sign of faith in fellow workers and the momentum of progress.

Let’s brainstorm “Leadership Empowerment” in your organization.