Communication Skills Improvement

Every person in the world is motivated by exactly the same Five Basic Needs.
         (This is the Psychology behind all human behaviour)

How we each meet those needs will be different.

All of our behaviours are designed to meet one or more of those 5 needs. Understanding those needs and how to influence them is the basis of Soft Skills (People Skills) training.

You can’t control someone else but you can influence their thinking by asking the right questions.

The better form of communication comes from the ability to keep your opinions and judgements to yourself. Then learn how to ask self-evaluation questions.

People will only modify their “Thinking, Feelings or Behaviours” if they truly believe that doing so will benefit them in some way.

Asking the right questions (not telling), in the right way, at the right time, is the right Soft Skill (People Skills) that will improve workplace collaboration.

Let’s brainstorm “Leadership Communications Skills” in your organization.