Barbara Ann O’Brien (VP Bonté Foods)

Testimonial Re: “Practical Leadership Training” seminar

Dear Doug,

No matter  if you are a seasoned executive or a beginning supervisor, everyone can expect to benefit  from the leadership development training you offer on the “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”.

The laws are very practical and applicable to both business and personal lives.  Everyone easily could understand them and apply them to everyday situations.  From the first class, people were able start using the techniques being taught to help them.  Direct reports responded much better to these ‘new influences’ that were being used by the managers.

The breakdown of the course into weekly one hour sessions fits very well into everyone’s schedules and allows for flexibility, especially important for a busy,hectic manufacturing environment. The hour always passed quickly and was full of very valuable discussion.  

You were always able to keep everyone’s attention and leave them wanting more.

Between weeks, it was often even spoke about here in our facility.  People set more goals and action plans and used the tools that were taught to us by you daily. We still make this training part of our daily and weekly meetings.

I would not hesitate to recommend this training to any person looking to enhance or build on their leadership skills.

I thank you for the opportunity to learn under your guidance.

I am pleased with the progress currently being made with the group of supervisors you are meeting  with now. I hope we can further  this learning…

Barbara Ann O’Brien, CMA Vice President